Everyone dreams of being an influencer these days

Everyone is dreaming of a big follower-ship on Instagram and the other popular social media channels. Everyone is dreaming to matter on Instagram to increase their own personal brand. But how to do it right? Read about the strengths of event documentation here.

Big brands understand how social media works

While big global brands understand exactly how to use social media for their needs, a lot of small brands acting headless when it comes to social media in general. Big brands know what they are doing because they have big budgets and money to buy experts in these matters. They build internal structures over time to achieve the goal to grow their brand awareness. But that doesn’t mean those small businesses have to invest a fortune, but they should start to interest themselves more for the topic.

The basic reason why small brands and businesses can’t grow their follower in the way they want is out of a few obvious reasons which can easily be fixed. Read about the reasons why you should stand out of the crowd here.

How small businesses master social media
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6 reasons why small brands struggle

1. A missing budget for social media and marketing

Small businesses often have no extra budget calculated for social media. As a result, often interns or people from the marketing team which gets the social media on top of their job are supervising their social media channels. That’s built on the fallacy that young people understand “that social media thing” better than the elder ones. One thing they don’t keep in mind is that young peeps don’t have the yearlong expertise experts on that field have. To grow your social media channels and create brand awareness is a very complex endeavor which needs time, skills and a good overview of your brands’ whole marketing strategy – and all of that costs money. And it’s a full-time job. It can’t be done properly besides anything else. So create a realistic budget and hire the right people!

2. No noticeable social media strategy

Because of the missing budget, small businesses tend to have no noticeable social media strategy. Success in social media isn’t a short-term undertaking. You need to define realistic goals and objectives. You have to know what you want to achieve: is it to grow more follower on one of the channels to create bigger brand awareness or do you want to generate more leads (then you have to grow more traffic to your webpage) or anything else. You exactly have to know what the outcome in your social media channels should be. Otherwise, it will only be a waste of time and money.

3. No monitoring of their strategy 

Small brands start often to post in their social media channels and leave it as it is. BUT: It’s not about posting something. The goal is to post interesting content to get people engaged. That’s the reason why it’s called social media. You have to monitor your posts and see how it works. How many likes it gets and how many real comments (not bot comments) it gets. If your postings don’t get the wished engagement and like rates you should re-think your strategy and adjust it. In the beginning, it can take a while to get things running. But the key is here testing, testing, and testing. Every company is different, so as every product.

4. No recognisable visual and content consistency

Consistency of your channels is needed if the main goal is to achieve a thriving feed. That’s only done if your costumer and prospects know exactly what they have to except every time they are coming back to your feed. For that content consistency and visual consistency is essential. So develop your visual style and define your content to get it consistent.

5. No engagement with their audience 

Social media is foremost a perfect tool to get in touch with your costumer and prospects. It’s the perfect way to understand costumer needs and wishes. And if used right it’s a good tool to nudge people to buy your products. If you don’t react to your community and don’t understand where your audience exactly sits in the market, your brand is doomed. It will fail to generate more revenue over time.

6. Impatience 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor your social media channels will grow overnight. Patience is a virtue. Don’t be hasty.


The key to getting your social media channels running is patience and a long-term social media strategy. Create a budget, hire the right people, define your goals and objectives and develop your own social media strategy. Monitor your posts and adjust them if needed. Try to create exclusive and interesting content and get your audience engaged.

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