Nowadays there is a growing market of trade fairs and business events. The goal is to highlight your enterprise out of these to gain a better reach and a better presence in your own industry.

Event documentation is, therefore, an important and often neglected marketing tool. That’s why you should have a budget for event documentation in your next event’s calculation. You should let cover your event in still imagery and/or videography from competent media professionals.

How important therefore video as a marketing tool is showing these two facts:

  1. According to CISCO in 2019 80% of the worldwide web traffic will be video.
  2. A one minute video is worth 1.8 million (!!!) words, according to research, Dr. James McQuivey from the Forrester Research Institute did.
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Let’s face it: We as humans are a visual species. The easiest way to consume media for us is through imagery – either still images or in motion pictures. We all prefer reading images before reading a text.

Event documentation is mostly underrated by clients. Read about the 11 ultimate reasons for having a budget calculated for your next event’s documentation here. Event documentation is mainly external advertisement and as such a powerful marketing tool. That makes event documentation a premium product. It needs specialists with longyear experience and competence.

Being perceived in your target audience

This means if you want to be perceived in your target group you should let produce high-quality event imagery. The reasons why you should invest in high production value is obvious out of the following

  • You want to present your event in the best possible light during and after the event’s production to attract potential new costumer/attendees by showing them the added value and exclusivity of your event.
  • And you want to stand out of the abundance of your competitors because another study shows that user prefers high-quality video content before other video content.

These are the main reasons why you should calculate a realistic budget for event documentation from the beginning.

Saving at the wrong place

A fact I’m confronted nearly every day is, that the calculated costs for video budgets of companies and organisations are often less than for the calculated still picture documentation for the same event.

In my perception, this great imbalance between event photography and event videography is born out of the following fallacies.

Nearly every company is familiar with the workflow of photographers (and they are used to pay a few hundred bucks a day for them), but for a lot of (smaller) companies video productions are a relatively new tendency in the market (even when content video marketing as a tool for global acting companies plays a role for decades now). And because the people in charge have less experience with video content, they often follow the misconception that nowadays everybody can produce great video content even with mobile phones. And because of that, it shouldn’t cost much. But they couldn’t be more wrong. If this would be true every company – even the smallest – would have great cinematic video content. Think about it?

To produce video content which presents your company at its best and adds your corporate identity and key values into the pictures you need highly trained specialists with specific knowledge. And to give it a high-quality look you need special professional equipment – which by the way is more costly than any still photographer’s gear. Often you need more than one person to execute the video production. The video has to be post-processed, edited, titles inserted, captioned, color graded etc. pp. The technical and personal expense is much higher than for still photography. But often the video budget is still less calculated than for the photographers. Nevertheless, a video is still a “cheap article”. “You only have to set up a cam and let it roll”, I hear often. But it’s those clients who moan at first if you would do it like that.

Good video content needs a good and driving storytelling, not even nice pictures. It has to make sense somehow. You have to add your key values, You have to make it personal to get people moved. You have to let the specialist add value to it, otherwise, it can fast turns into its complete opposite: the advertisement generates to be anti-advertisement then. And I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. So get your budget realistic and hire professionals. Read also about the 6 reasons why small businesses often struggle with social media.

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