When it comes to event documentation a lot of organisers don’t see the importance for it. Most people forget that event documentation is basically one thing: Advertisement. Advertisement for the quality of your work. Advertisement for your company or your organisation. And as such, you should treat it. You can read here why it is so important to stand out of the crowd.

The 11 ultimate reasons for having a budget calculated for your next event’s documentation

With a high-quality event documentation, you can

    • expand your reach
    • present the exclusive value of your event for the outside effective for generating more attendees for your upcoming events
    • you can expand the longevity of your event
    • you can use the documentation coverage either as public relations tool or
    • as a promotion tool for upcoming events or
    • as a fundraising tool to attract potential sponsors, donors or decision makers
    • you can use the easy shareability for your social media channels
    • you can use parts of it as a training tool
    • you can create extra content out of it
    • at big events, you could use videography as an option for a better on-stage visibility
  • you can use a high-quality event documentation (video/images) for employee motivation and appreciation

At the end of the day, you should show your work/event in the best possible light. Read here about the 6 most reasons why small businesses often struggle with social media.

Copyright by Alex Fuchs | docyourevent.com
Copyright by Alex Fuchs | docyourevent.com

Event documentation is a premium product

Event documentation should be a premium product in your perception. Treat it not as something which can be done “cheap” from “somebody who owns a camera” or a volunteer or an intern with the newest gen of mobile phones. Don’t get me wrong: you can get good results from untrained, but dedicated people, but you haven’t the security that it will be done as good as it could by professionals.

Professional event photo- and videographers are trained by profession to capture your brand identity and key values at this particular moment in time into a stunning and moving image or video clip. Pros are delivering your footage in every situation at every time without any excuses. That’s the reason why you are hiring them and NOT somebody else.

Think about it: you invested a lot of money, time and manpower to create your specific event for that specific reason. Why are you not using the advantages of high-quality event documentation as mentioned above to gain even more value out of your efforts and investments? The costs for that will pay back no later than your next event. You can create the tools that will make your next event even bigger, more valent and more successful. And you know it already yourself: with the growing digitisation, the need for digital imagery – photos or videos – to cover your business or event in digital media is omnipresent.

That’s why event documentation should be treated by you as a premium product and nothing that you let be “done” by some “cheap” provider. This doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune, but you should hire professionals with yearlong experience and a nameable client list to get it done.

Event documentation is always advertisement. And good advertisement has always something to do with valence. As Henry Ford once said: “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

As an advice, you should compare the offers of different providers not only for costs rather than quality and experience. Look also after their former clients. If you don’t understand something on their calculation ask what it means. There are no dumb questions. A serious provider will always answer your questions precise and gently and explain the need for it. Give the job to the provider which appears the most competent to you. That is the provider which will determine your needs and claims beforehand. A good provider is not selling you at the highest price with balderdash you don’t need, because he wants you to become a long-term client.

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